About Us
We care about our loyal customers and their online purchasing experiences.  This is why we are constantly working on developing the most easy to use and exciting dog web site on the internet.  There are several reasons to purchase from us over other competing sites on the net.  Here are just a few: 

Response Time:
Unlike other competitors who operate on the web part time, we have a full time staff to meet our customers needs.  This means that we see email questions right when they come in, process orders with lightning speeds, and have a strong customer service system in place.  Emails are generally responded to in less than 3 hours and orders are often processed in less than 1 hour and shipped in under 2 hours.  We stock most items we sell, and get them out quick. Over 90% of our orders actually shipped out the same day the order is placed.  Tracking numbers are issued to the customer on the same day the order is placed.  You will not find this type of response with other web based companies.

Product Availability:
We work hard to keep our system and records up to date.  Our system reflects product availability. If you see it listed on our site, it is most likely in stock. Why wait for an item that other companies place on back order, when you can get it from us today!  Our inventory is always replenished when it becomes low.

We offer a secure check out process.  Our checkout page holds one of the best SSL licenses available.  You can place your order with confidence on our site.