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Dog Life Jackets

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Paws Aboard Pink Dog Life VestPaws Aboard Pink Dog Life Vest
Paws Aboard Blue Dog Life VestPaws Aboard Blue Dog Life Vest

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EzyDog Yellow Dog Flotation VestEzyDog Yellow Dog Flotation Vest
EzyDog Red Dog Flotation VestEzyDog Red Dog Flotation Vest
EzyDog Camo Dog Flotation VestEzyDog Camo Dog Flotation Vest

Benefits of Dog Life Jackets

Why own a life jacket for your pet?  The main answer is to keep them safe from harm.  However, there are a number of benefits that make owning one of our dog life jackets a must for pet owners around the world.  First, having a flotation vest on a dog while they swim helps to keep its head above the water.  This prevents the dog from snorting in water while they swim.  In addition, wearing the vest helps to prevent fatigue as they are better able to swim for longer periods of time. On average, a dog wearing a vest will stay out longer than a dog that does not have one on.  Let's not forget about visibility.  A dog wearing his preserver is far more visible in the water than without.  This is especially true when on the open water.  The bright colors, as well as reflective materials and piping allow boaters and others to see the dog from a distance preventing accidents and making location quicker.  The vest can also be used to control a dog while in the water.  All life vests come with a grab handle that can be used to guide the dog while they swim or to assistance in aiding the dog in getting out of water.  It is not meant to support their full weight when picking them up, but does work well for adding support to a dog as they pull themselves out of the water.   Most vest come with a d-link or other clip that allows for a leash or line to be attached.  This is good to have to prevent dogs from swimming too far.  Most importantly, were the life jacket gives you and your dog peace of mine to be able to relax and enjoy the outdoors.