Molly's Sweater

When the weather dipped to -7 degrees yesterday I became worried about my dogs being cold.  My little 18 year old Yorkie was already wearing her blue sweater both in the house and out.  However, Molly who is usually rugged and loves the outdoors, felt cold even in the house.  I quickly thought she needs a sweater too, but it was too cold to venture out to the store.   Then, I remembered my daughter's discarded sweater laying in my basement waiting to be donated.   I jokingly dressed Molly in the sweater and to my amazement it was a perfect fit.   Molly is a 51 pound Labradoodle and my daughter wears a size small in the junior department.   I did have to make one adjustment to the sleeves, however.  I rolled them up and then anchored the hem by doing a simple running stitch with yarn.  The sweater was also a v-neck with hood and snaps along the v.  Snapping these up the front after slipping the sweater over Molly's head made the sweater very easy to put on and created a snug fit along her chest.  I hope that you will be able to be creative and find a sweater to fit your pup.  Molly is loving hers and with Cleveland's weather it will be worn a lot this winter.   

Cindy (Molly's Mom)

Word of Caution: Make sure that the sleeves are not too long.  You don't want your dog tripping and getting hurt.  Also, make sure the neckline is snug and still a comfortable fit.


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