Welcome to Molly's Page

Molly is a Labradoodle soon to be Five Yrs. Old. She is just now settling down and leaving puppyhood. She has unbelievable energy!

When we first saw Molly she was in the local pet shop in the mall. I actually saw her three times before we brought her home. I felt sorry for all those little dogs in cages and I really felt sorry that no one had brought her home because she was three months old. She was not the cutest of puppies. Her hair is wild and at the time I had no idea what a Labradoodle was. She was so funny looking that my then twenty-one year old son said in a derogatory tone "Are you sure you want that one?" The store clerk wanted to take her in back and "try to do something with her hair". But I fell in love with her and just wanted to take her home.

Now don't get me wrong. My research showed me that Labradoodles usually have nice curly hair. However, Molly had wavy scraggly hair. She is just a first generation cross between a Poodle and a Labrador. Her parents' pictures given to me with her breeding certificate were nothing to brag about either.

Now, I know nothing about breeding and my Molly and I were frowned upon by no other than a confident young man of about eleven years. He strode up to me on my first day of Obedience Class and asked "What kind of dog is that?". He also had a Labradoodle. A nice calm curly tamed hair dog! Upon hearing that my dog was a Labradoodle, he scoffed and then went on to tell me how His Dog is a Second Generation Labradoodle and how his family went all the way to Virginia to pick it up. (We live in Ohio.) Needless to say what I thought of this arrogant young man at the time. But, instead of biting his head off I just said "That's nice.". I guess I should have purchased a Labradoodledoodle too. Later that week, while doing one of my assignments for class, I took Molly for a walk along the storefronts at our mall. A gentleman came out of one of the stores and in a voice with a foreign accent exclaimed "What a BEAUTIFUL dog!" How I thanked this man and felt a surge of pride. When I look at Molly I see a beautiful dog and I was happy that others do too!

Bye for Now,

Cindy (Molly's mom)