Plush Puppies Invincibles Snake
Plush Puppies Invincibles Snake
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Our newest, most amazing product is the Invincibles Snakes by Plush Puppies. Dogs love squeaker toys but become bored after they stop making noise. Invincibles Snakes are stuffing-less toys that contain patent-pending squeakers. They keep squeaking, even after being punctured. Invincibles are great for dogs who lose interest in plush toys after they have “killed” the squeakers.  Perfect for all dogs with sharp teeth! We have tested the Invincible Snake and have been amazed with the results.  Plus, in addition to the squeakers, these snakes contain a rattle to completely entertain your dog. We have Snakes's in 2 sizes.  The smaller size contains 3 invincible squeakers. The larger size has a whopping 6 invincible squeakers.

3 Squeaker Measurements
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