All items purchased on our site carry a 15 day exchange/return policy as long as the product has not been used.

Returns or exchanges that are requested after 15 days of receipt will not be accepted.

Any used product will not be returned.

Please verify order when purchasing to confirm purchase of the correct product.

If exchange/return is is accepted, we will return or exchange for the full purchase price of the product (minus shipping costs).

Return shipping is at the cost of the customer.  We do not give credit for returned items.

If product is damaged, additional fees may apply.

If product's tags are removed, additional fees may apply.

If exchanging a product, we reserve the right to bill you for any additional shipping or product costs involved with sending you the exchange. We now treat exchanges as a return and invoice your for a complete new order on item that is being exchanged for.  In other words, the new item will be billed in full as a seperate order, and the exchange will be credited in full on your previous order.

Item being returned needs to be sent in a timely fashion back to Original Cin's L.L.C.  If return is not sent back in a acceptable time frame, we reserve the right to decline or refuse the return.