Teaching Dogs To Swim
Teaching your dog to swim can be challenging but with patience and persistence your dog will get the hang of it. A word of caution-- Throwing your dog into a pond or pool probably will prolong the time of your dog acquiring confidence in the water. Usually, the dog's head will sink, he will snort water and start to panic. This can make the dog shy away from water. Introducing the dog slowly to water is a much better approach and the best way to go about teaching dog to swim. Start with a shallow stream, wading pool or shallow part of the lake. Have some small dog biscuits on hand and start dropping them one at a time into the water. Let the dog take a step into the water to get the biscuit. Slowly encourage the dog further into the water with subsequent treats. Be patient! Some dogs love water more than others. It also helps for you to be in the water with your dog. And most important  part of teaching a dog to swim is a dog life jacket  which gives your dog additional security-- helping him to keep his head above the water; allowing swimming to be easier and less tiring; and most of all, more fun!

Perfect for teaching dogs to swim!